puppy gate :)

My recent @homegoods hack that ANYONE can do!! We are needing lots of puppy gates around the house these days...and the plain plastic/wooden ones don’t really suit me. So I headed to HomeGoods to 👀 for an interesting alternative. Found 2 unique distressed wooden frames. Knocked out all 24 of the wooden backings/glass and pulled out...drum roll...144 little clips 😱 then added 2 new brass hinges compliments of our new local @strosniders_kensington and voila...a puppy gate I can live with!! 🙌🏼👏🏻 Now, as far as Seamus as Finn are concerned, the jury is still “out”! 🐶🐶🚪🚫🤬😂 #thinkoutsidethebox#puppygate #homegoods #elbowgrease #barnagainhome

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