another successful baH sale!!


thank you to everyone who came out and braved the chill (we hope that the crackling fire and hot cider warmed your insides)! it was a great few days and we loved visiting with everyone...our MOST :) favorite part of the sale.

some of our fave pieces found new homes and the photos are already pouring in of their new and beautiful resting spots. thank you all for taking good care of them and for being "green" and contributing to the beautiful recycling/upcycling process! we have lots more items that we will be working on soon so please check out our SHOP page for pieces that you may be interested in for your home. happy sunday!!!


baH sale nov 2014


gorgeous twin wicker headboards (love the HEART <3 design)


baH sale nov 2014


orleans home fragrance candles and sprays....BEST candles ever...can't get enough of these! my faves are: orleans no 9 and french quarter (also love jean paul)


misc items @ baH sale nov 2014

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