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when we re-designed our home, i was determinded to create a funky and cool space for my 4 kids and all of their friends to hang out. my starting point was this 9ft x 13ft graffiti wall mural that i found on ebay . (i have had a lifelong fascination w graffiti that started in grad school when a friend and i were hired by a restaurant to create graffiti murals all around their outside space). after i acquired the mural, things just fell into place (literally!), as i kept my eyes open for eclectic pieces to add to the space....the FLOR tiles, u turn sign, salvaged shutters flanking window, the theatre seats from my hubby's HS, fun pillows, RCA sign and so forth. it's a favorite hang out for our family and friends and it's just what we envisioned.

IMG_3814 - Version 2.JPG

the graffit wall in our basement is constantly evolving w our kids friends adding their personal "tags" to it. we love the sense of "community" it creates in our house.


my daughter "tagging" (legally :) a bus at a concert many years mother like daughter!!


my 2 daughters (L and R) hamming it up in front of a really cool graffiti wall at a conference


a nostalgic nod to my dad and grandfather who co-owned a furniture store and sold RCA tv's for over 20 years. i knew i had to buy this when i saw it and it hangs in a place of prominence above the flat screen. it's from an old motel. i just love it!!


i bought these shutters because i loved the color, design and chippy peeling paint (although i wasn't sure what i was going to do with them). however, as the basement was coming together...this window started calling out for some attention, too, and they give it just the right amount.

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