footboard turned graffiti hat/coat rack and trophy shelf

here is the finished product in my young son's room. he did this all by HIMSELF (except for screwing in the hooks...i STILL have blisters from that job :) i gave him an old rectangular footboard that didn't have much detail. he began by randomly spray painting the entire face and sides of the board. after that dried, he used stencils to create words and images. when it was completely dry (a few days later) i put heavy duty hooks on the back (for hanging) and i used rubber-coated large hooks on the front for his hats and jackets. an added bonus was that the depth of the board was the perfect shelf for his smaller trophies. he is so proud of his work and it looks great in his room!! (i'm biased :)


1st day...planning his attack


"hmmmm...what color should be next?" (sorry about background mess...we were getting ready for our sale)


before school...sneaking in a little more "work" in his outdoor studio


close up detail

and now.......on to the next project we want to try....ever wonder what to do with all of those old trophies??? well, has the perfect answer.


see what she created below. BRILLIANT. we have been hanging on to this photo of her finished piece for a while now and we are eager to put it to use. when we eventually get around to it, we will be sure to share our photos. in the meantime, find a link here:

and here's what the sassy crafter says: "What do you do with old trophies once the nostalgia has faded? Why stick them on the top shelf of your closet when you can turn them into a great coat rack! I was inspired to make this project after seeing a coatrack that used old doorknobs." we think she did and amazing job and she deserves....a TROPHY of her own!! :)


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