using vintage/salvage architectural elements in your home

well, in MY home to be exact! when we re-modeled a few years ago my goal was to re-use and re-purpose as many salvage elements as i possibly could (some purchased from salvage and others that came directly from my 120 year old house). here, i share just a few areas with you where i was able to incorporate vintage architectural items (more photos/ideas to come on other posts). enjoy the photos but mainly...enjoy the HUNT!! i learned a long time ago that if i see something that i love, i should grab it and the perfect use for it will eventually reveal itself to me...i've spent too many sleepless nights mulling over the fact that i let someting "get-away" only to never find it again :( . happy re-purposing and hunting!!


my butler's pantry. used 3 pairs of old column caps/brackets for shelf support. beadboard and linen curtains from ikea (turned lengthwise and re-sewn) plus brass curtain rods from restoration hardware finished off the look.


brackets the day i bought them. i kept them pretty much the same except that i cleaned them and lightly brushed them with white paint to freshen them up a bit.


old "servant's stairs" off of our kitchen (although in THIS century....i am the "servant" :) received added charm with the re-purposing of an old horizontal porch railing. my builder looked at me like i was crazy when i asked him to do this but he surprised me (and himself) a few hours later by de-constructing THEN re-constructing the railing and making it work for our current purposes. i purposely kept the paint color the same exact way that i found it.


an old wooden crate that we turned into the PERFECT storage container for our many hockey sticks! we opened the box, popped out one end, closed and locked the box and voila!


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